No Smoke

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Nirvana is a well-known term from India . It’s often translated to mean “No wind” or “blown out” meaning a state of freedom from suffering and rebirth

Did you know that Classical Greek Philosophy had a similar concept?

Atypia (ἁτυφια) Means “freedom from smoke” and represents a pure state of mental clarity. The ability to see things exactly as they really are. Smoke (τύφος) signified mental confusion, ignorance, wilful mindlessness, arrogance, and conceit. Smoke is caused by false judgments of value, which cause negative emotions, arrogance, unnatural desires, and a vicious character.

To clear the smoke and see the truth one must develop self-sufficiency, equanimity, arete (an ongoing dedication to improve oneself in all ways ), love of humanity, parrhesia (the ability to speak and think in simple truthful ways), and acceptance of all aspects of life.

By the time this philosophy becomes part of the Hermetic movement the term drunkenness has replaced smoke as the symbol for confusion and lack of control through ignorance. Likewise the focus seems for have shifted away from asceticism more towards a focus developing awareness and good intentions in every moment.

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